MealTime Pay Online

MealTime reaches out to parents! With the MealTime Pay Online System, parents can make secure credit/debit card payments for all of their school fees and monitor their child’s MealTime cafeteria account from the convenience of their home or work computer.

And unlike with most online payment programs, which sync with schools only once every 24-48 hours, deposits made to MealTime mPower school lunch accounts are in the accounts and ready to use within 5 minutes.

With MealTime Pay Online, parents can:

  • Make secure deposits and school payments from home or work, at their convenience, using their Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card.
  • Access the payment screen easily from the school or district website.
  • Set up convenient email notifications to alert when their student’s account balance is low or negative.
  • Monitor their student’s cafeteria account activity without calling the school.
  • Check account balances whenever it is convenient, avoiding surprises and last-minute scrambling for lunch money.
  • Rest assured knowing their account deposits aren’t going to get lost or stolen and their child will have a positive balance at serving time.
  • Take care of all school fees in one quick payment.

MealTime expedites the flow of all school payments!  School Business Mangers and other administrators will appreciate MealTime Pay Online because it provides busy parents with a convenient, secure method of making all school payments.  Common uses include sports/activity fees, parking fees, fundraisers and more.

  • MealTime Pay Online’s administrative tools provide comprehensive reporting on all payment activity.
  • Collect money for any purposes you want – easily.
  • Communicate with parents with handy announcement feature.
  • Payments are received hassle-free and on-time.
  • Deposited funds are transferred automatically into school or district bank accounts.

Foodservice, the biggest beneficiary of all!  MealTime Pay Online seamlessly shares data with MealTime Classic and MealTime mPower.  Deposits made online are credited to MealTime customer accounts quickly and automatically.  Plus, all customer account activity, including in-school deposits, meal purchases and a la carte transactions is transferred regularly for display on MealTime Pay Online.

  • Reduce time spent collecting and recording deposits – it happens automatically!
  • Eliminate calls from parents about account balances or activity
  • Speed up serving lines with fewer kids carrying cash and fewer cashiers handling it!
  • Increase prepayments
  • Say goodbye to zero balances

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