MealTime mPower Eligibility Management

Administration of free and reduced meal benefits can be challenging and time-consuming, but for your school lunch program, it can make the difference between operational profit or loss.

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MealTime mPower brings its inherent flexibility to managing all of your free and reduced beneficiaries. When you’re hit with a flood of applications at the beginning of the school year, getting those applications processed is job #1. With mPower, you can easily add additional, temporary users onto the system to help you get it completed on time. Or, if you need to take your work home, you can login to mPower from there and process applications just as though you’re at your desk. The fewer hours spent on this time-intensive task leaves more time for other priorities.

  • Enter and approve applications centrally or at individual schools
  • System-Resident Income Eligibility Guidelines, plus all categorical application types
  • Imports and processes Direct Certification files
  • Calculates multi-source income; Hourly, Bi-Weekly, Bi-Monthly, Annually
  • Calculates and monitors expiration dates
  • Track student and household change history
  • Includes a full set of multi-lingual notification letters that print automatically with all household address information included
  • Verification function selects application samples based on preferred methodology.

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Want to further streamline your free and reduced application process? Click here for more information on Apply Online, MealTime’s web-based free/reduced application form.


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